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Weed Control

Stebbing Green

Everyone likes to see a weed free lawn, but even the best-kept lawns are susceptible to weeds, so weed control is essential. Weeds need to be controlled regularly to keep your lawn looking good. Weed control is achieved through the application of herbicides, which is sprayed onto the lawn, which enables the weedkiller to be absorbed into the weeds through their leaves. The ideal time for spraying is springtime and early summer when the weeds are growing at a fast pace, although they can be controlled at other times too!

Having a good healthy lawn that is mowed regularly helps prevent weeds building up. One of the biggest problems I see is people cutting their lawns too short and not regularly enough, this is a good way to potentially damage a good lawn.

The control of weeds in your lawn will not affect the actual grass plant, we will recommend and advise the best way to control your weeds.